YAEDA-SL is one of the foremost Youth empowerment, advocacy and Leadership development NGOs in Sierra

Leone registered

with the Freetown City Council (Reg.No.3414) and National Youth Commission (YSA/00381). Vision: – Nurturing transformational leaders with knowledge, skills and moral values aimed at providing the required leadership in every sphere of society in Sierra Leone.

Mission: – Offering leadership training opportunities, mentorship and coaching sessions, community engagement aimed at shaping young emerging leaders in amplifying their impact amongst peers and the community.

YAEDASL is focused on nurturing generational thinkers and problem solvers poised at addressing contemporary social problems affecting communities and the country at large. At YAEDA-SL we believe the root cause of Africa’s longstanding problems stem from bad leadership and poor governance. As such we equip young emerging leaders through coaching and mentoring, volunteerism, community engagement with the knowledge, skills and help them cultivate strong moral values to assume the mantle of leadership in Sierra Leone. Our Approach is not only membership focused but an inclusive one which sees the involvement of local community youths in addressing local problems.

With the plethora of social issues plaguing Sierra Leone.

YAEDASL stands at the forefront in promoting the relatively new Social work profession as such partners with Social workers Sierra Leone . YAEDASL also provides internship opportunities and fieldwork experience for recent graduates who find it difficult to secure jobs due to lack of work/field experience and students who need field experience to reconcile theory and practice.
YEADASL has embarked on a lot of activities namely: Therapeutic and Sanitation exercise at PCMH government hospital, Capacity Building workshop themed “leveraging the internet for Education and Business”, Donation of clothing and schooling materials to child flood victims, student voter sensitization and no violence campaign, Commemorating the International Girl Child Day annually during which our team of social workers are assigned to female Schools across Freetown to address contemporary issues affecting the girl child and a lot more.


In 2016 a young activist and a social work student by then named Fatmata Lamarana Bah, Lansana Fofanah (colleague student) and some founding members formed YAEDASL having witnessed first-hand pervasive unemployment and the unskilled situation of Youths within their respective communities. Citing a joint report published by UN, German Technical corporation and World Bank “The youth population in Sierra Leone is substantial and makes up

one third

of the total population (Approximately 1 500 000 young women and men). Of this group, 70% are underemployed or unemployed and 50% illiterate and unskilled. There is visible unemployment, particularly among young men, who can be found in the streets of Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown and other urban centres

.” (Joint Response to Youth Employment in Sierra Leone.

This report is a clear manifestation of their experiences which has been partly due to lack of proper technical vocational training opportunities, relatively expensive and weak educational system and a lack of job opportunities for even the young educated and skilled amongst them. Following this malaise youths resort to taking harmful drugs to escape this harsh reality and engage in illegal activities to fend for a living. With virtually no role models, life coaches, mentoring sessions and community engagements activities, young people find themselves isolated leaving crucial life decisions at the mercy of their myopic and inexperienced interpretation of life itself. This has been the case of youths in Sierra Leone. Because of this YEADSL was formed to help tackle this worrisome situation as it is widely accepted that the future of any nation rests on the shoulders of its Youths.