In an effort to empower young people and acknowledge hard work YAEDA.SL organised capacity building workshop and award ceremony on Saturday 9th Dec.2017.The event was themed “Leveraging the internet for education and business”. With a weakening educational system stemming from lack of trained and qualified teachers, lecturers and difficulty in accessing needed learning materials, it is obvious that graduates from such a system find it a herculean task creating employment for themselves or compete for global opportunities having gone through years of schooling. Recent statistics show that 11.7% of our population is connected to the internet (source: – internet world statistics) most of which is actually internet traffic directed at social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram etc. Sierra Leoneans have not benefited much from the knowledge economy of the internet and other internet opportunities as well. This is partly due to lack awareness and herculean data charges of internet service providers and telecom operators. Competition for national scholarship opportunities has been prevalent over the years despite proliferation of internet scholarships, fellowships, and leadership training opportunities. Due to Pervasive unemployment, my country has witnessed the sprouting of numerous start-ups with wonderful ideas and innovative products and services seeking seed money to kick-start. In a country where local investment is virtually non-existent, herculean interest rates on microfinance loans and bank lending, it normally ends in frustration for start-ups. The essence of this project was raising awareness on the plethora of opportunities the internet has to offer. Targeting graduates seeking scholarship opportunities, students and pupils soliciting learning materials (tutorials, e-books, online learning websites ) meant to supplement lectures, start-ups seeking seed money, Young community leaders seeking leadership training opportunities, young professionals looking to network and find mentorship from global leaders in their respective fields ; local community based organizations(CBOs)/NGOs seeking donors to address community problems and for young entrepreneurial minds seeking global partnerships.

The event was attended by university students, graduates, entrepreneurs, community leaders and head of community-based organisations. The event was climaxed with some refreshment and networking amongst attendees.

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