Mentorship and Life coaching

YAEDA SL is home to professional mentors whose experience with life is unparalleled. These individuals are patient, welcoming, enthusiastic and willing to help young people to get the best out of life. They are well rounded in a variety of issues and are experts in specific areas of study. At YAEDASL we connect you with a mentor in your area of interest. Our mentors span various areas namely Entrepreneurship, Education, Government and NGOs. YAEDA SL offers physical and electronics coaching and mentoring services in an effort to ensure these services are readily available to youths most of whom are connected electronically 24/7

Skills training

YAEDA SL aims at regularly organising skills training sessions to empower young people especially youths residing in Ghettos and shanty settlements, which is sure to ensure they are able to independently cater for themselves and be responsible citizens of the country contributing to national development. YEADA SL also scouts opportunities and make these opportunities readily available to youths

Counselling and therapy

We offer counselling services in a range of areas namely career, relationship, family and also psychological therapy for victims of rape, substance abuse, child abuse, physical abuse etc.