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It is said, “Educate a boy and you educate an individual. Educate a girl and you educate a whole nation”. With the patriarchal system practiced in the African settling where the male sex exerts dominance in every sphere of life over female, opportunities are unequally distributed amongst both sexes resulting in unparalleled success rate between them. Basically men are more likely to succeed in their education, careers, businesses etc. as compared to women due to the fact that women are most marginalized and most times restricted from soliciting important opportunities like education , fall victims of rape, teenage pregnancy, physical abuse and mostly married off and raise kids without having to follow their dreams.

YAEDA SL frowns at this unfair systemic disadvantage of the girl child as such commits to ensuring girls are given equal opportunity and empowered in order to achieve their wildest dreams and compete with the male folks in academia sports, politics etc. In helping achieve this, YEADA SL commemorated the international Girl Child day during which our team of social workers visited female schools across Freetown. Some of these were United Methodist church school for girls, imam Sadique high school, Grace High school, Kissy Municipal School, Laura Dove School, Government Municipal School, Methodist girls high school, Vine memorial, Saint Joseph’s convent and Rokel Secondary school with the prime purpose of ensuring we reposition their minds and set the tone for success amongst their various aspirations in life. Talking points were:

Girl’s interaction with society

Parents, teachers, elders and peers.This topics aims at teaching the girl child how to portray herself and ensure she does not fall prey to sexual exploitation ,rape, substance abuse ensuring she gets the best out of society.

Girl Entrepreneurship

2. Girl Entrepreneurship In empowering the girl child, it is crucial that she is economically empowered to ensure independence and consequently self-actualization. This also helps encourage girls to be entrepreneurially minded and standout as leaders in business.

Girls in Sciences

In Sierra Lone, you find girls flocking into commerce and arts streams at the inception their senior secondary schooling .This stems from fear injected into them earlier by male peers, teachers and parents who see their female children lacking mental and physical capacity to succeed in a career in the sciences. This talk inspires girls to opt in for the sciences reinforcing their beliefs by citing successful women in this field.

Girls Leadership

Problems woman face can only be better addressed by female leaders who can’t better relate to these problems and provide plausible long-term solutions. As such, girls are encouraged to step forward and take leadership roles earlier during the course of their schooling. School sessions were very interactive.