YAEDASL attended a psychosocial Training session at the mental health collision head office

In an effort to be address psychological trauma amongst mudslide and flood victims some of whom lost loved ones, homes and properties, YAEDASL attended a psychosocial training session at the mental health coalition head office in Freetown; during which numerous intervention strategies were discussed in addressing psychological anomalies detected in mudslide and flood victims. Various partner NGOs, organisations, and students attended namely Social work Sierra Leone, YAEDASL, and students from Social work department, Fourahbay College, and Milton Margai College. Orientation on subject matter was delivered by a handful of specialist with years of experience in both practice and academia. Questions then followed and answers provided by the experts. The session was climaxed with formation of groups amongst those in attendance. Each group was given a scenario question and asked to develop plausible intervention strategies in addressing their unique case. This ensured for nearly 15 minutes before every group leader presented their respective group strategies.