YEDASL Members Volunteering at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation command centre John F Kennedy for flood victims.

At YEDASL, we believe in giving back to the community and country as a whole. Volunteerism is crucial part of our operations as such it is imperative that all members opt-in as volunteers with community projects related to sanitation, education, advocacy, disaster recovery efforts like the mudslide and flood  that took hold of the capital Freetown where some members namely Miss Kadijah Jalloh, Lamarana Jalloh, Lansana Fofanah, Lucrisha Kamara and our chief executive officer and founder Mrs Fatmata Lamarana Bah a social work student volunteered at the John F Kennedy epicentre helping distribute and ration supplies to affected communities at the east end coast of Freetown. Others volunteered at some epicenters across the country. They spent nearly months ensuring food, clothing and other materials are evenly distributed amongst victims having to endure chaos, complaints, in fights between victims and threats from outlaws.